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General questions

How can I join Stage?

You have two journeys in Stage: as a store, you can join through our Shopify Sales Channel and market your products with the power of short-form videos.

Visit our Store's page for more information

As a Stager, you can join through our app where you can make a profit out of video content showcasing real-life usage of products.

You can learn more by visiting our Stager’s site

What’s the difference between the Stage Sales channel and the Stage App?

Stage Sales Channel on Shopify: If you are a Store, by installing our Shopify’s sales channel, you can effortlessly sync your products, manage your Stage orders, and increase your sales velocity with a stream of brand content made by Stagers.

Stage App: by downloading the App (IOS or Android) you can become a Stager and join a community of creators doing fun and appealing videos showcasing products, connecting with brands, and reach a new audience of followers.

How can I become an Stager?

By buying our products and sharing them with creative content in short-form videos! For more information on how to become a profitable Stager on the App, visit our

Stager Site

How can I sell my products on Stage?

If your Store is not on Shopify: Go to and create your store. When your store is live, you can add our Sales Channel.

If your Store is on Shopify: Go to your settings where you’ll find the “Add sales channel” button and choose between the list the Stage Sales Channel. After completing the required information and getting our team’s approval, your products will be migrated to the App and be available for Stagers to find and tag them in their creative videos.

As a Store, how can I access Stager’s videos?

Stage offers a seamless experience. To see the videos Stagers have made for you, go to the Stage Sales Channel on Shopify. There you can see the list of created videos and choose which ones speak to your brand and audience, and those you approve will be published in the Stage App.

As a Stager, how can I make money?

You need to post exciting and fun videos showcasing usage of the products offered by the array of stores available in the app and get them approved.

You can learn more by visiting our Stager’s site

How can I find a specific product or store in the app?

You can find any product by typing a part of the name in the Search Bar you’ll find on top of your feed on the Stage App, or in the Marketplace (Stage icon on the bottom of the screen)

For Stores and Brands

See ourSales Channel FAQ

For App Users

I’m having problems logging in

If your profile is complete, you can try the following log-in methods: SMS, WhatsApp message, and email. If you are still presenting problems, write an email to

As a Stager, how can I post a video?

You can upload a video by tapping on the plus (+) icon at the bottom tab of the app. There you’ll see the options of tagging available products, choose the ones you are showcasing and then tap on the button at the bottom of the screen: the recording or uploading from your library options will open. Remember: before any video is posted to the Stage App it needs to be approved by the respective shop. You can see your pending videos in your profile.

My order has not been received yet

Go to your profile on the Stage App, there you’ll see your order status and its tracking number. If you are still presenting problems with the delivery of your item, write an email to

How can I track my order?

You can see the history of your orders, their status, and their tracking number by opening your profile (at the right bottom corner of the app).

What payment methods are available?

You can see the available paying methods by tapping on the profile icon at the bottom of the app. Then tap on the three dots at the top of the screen to open your Settings, there you’ll see the option “Payment info”, where you can select your preferred one.

As a Stager, how can I see how much revenue I have made?

You can see your current balance by tapping on the profile icon on the App. There you will see your Balance, and Tap on “View details” for more information, your payout history and the ability to Cash Out your earnings.

Why do my videos appear as “pending approval”?

All uploaded videos need to go through the approval of the stores and shops whose products you have tagged. You may see the list of pending videos on your profile by tapping on “Videos” and then on “Pending”, and see the list of approved videos by tapping on “Published videos”

As a Stager, what paying methods are available to retrieve my weekly income?

You can see the available paying methods and choose the one you prefer by going to your profile in the app and tapping on the 3 dots on top of the screen. There you’ll see the option “Balance and Payout” to retrieve your earnings.

Why am I not able to cash out my earnings?

You will be able to cash out your balance when you reach over $25 in your balance.

Need help from support?

Our support team is here for you. If you didn’t find an answer or have further inquiries, just drop a line and let us know, we will love to help you on your Stage journey.

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